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Pension auto-enrolment – new exception option for directors

26th August, 2016

After several years of lobbying by professional accountancy bodies and others, the government has provided a sensible set of rules on the question of whether directors are required to be enrolled into an employer provided pension auto-enrolment scheme. Sarah Pownall, payroll services manager and auto-enrolment specialist at Clayton & Brewill in Nottingham, explains what this… View Article

Tax investigations: HMRC focuses on SMEs & individuals

26th August, 2016

Year on year HMRC is targeted with increasing revenue from tax compliance to help reduce the ‘tax gap’, which currently stands at £34bn. To help hit these targets, HMRC is investing considerable sums in scrutinising the tax affairs of both businesses and individuals, with £300m specifically set aside to target SMEs and ‘high net worth’ individuals…. View Article

Employed or self-employed? Why you need to know your workers’ status

8th August, 2016

Do you have workers who are essentially performing the same tasks but with some on the payroll and some treated as self-employed? If so you may have problems should HMRC undertake a PAYE Compliance Review. Sarah Pownall, Head of Payroll Services at Nottingham chartered accountants Clayton & Brewill, explains. When HMRC conduct a PAYE Compliance… View Article

Beware latest telephone scams and phishing emails

8th August, 2016

At Clayton & Brewill we are aware of a number of telephone scams and phishing emails where fraudsters pretend to be from HMRC in an attempt to get personal details or money. Rebecca Higginbottom, Accounts Manager in our Long Eaton office came across a scam call recently that involved a call from somone claiming to be from the… View Article

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