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Beware latest telephone scams and phishing emails

8th August, 2016

At Clayton & Brewill we are aware of a number of telephone scams and phishing emails where fraudsters pretend to be from HMRC in an attempt to get personal details or money.

Rebecca Higginbottom, Accounts Manager in our Long Eaton office came across a scam call recently that involved a call from somone claiming to be from the ‘County Court Sheriff’s Office’, demanding immediate settlement of a debt – or assets would be seized.

Rebecca Higginbottom Clayton & Brewill chartered accountants Long Eaton

Rebecca Higginbottom, chartered accountant in Clayton & Brewill’s Long Eaton office

The caller was very charming, very believable and very pushy! Our client did the right thing and put the fraudster through to Rebecca who was able to deal with it.

Another of the scams is a voicemail allegedly from HMRC, stating that they will be taking the individual to court and leaving a number to call back on. Another scam doing the rounds is where individuals are being tricked into paying fictitious taxes using iTunes gift cards.

If you receive contact from HMRC and are in any doubt that it is a genuine call you should end it immediately and report it on the Action Fraud website or call on 0300 123 2050. Alternately you can contact us and we can report it on your behalf.

Victims are also being contacted by text and email.

How to spot a scam or ‘phishing’ email

At first glance, a scam email – also known as a ‘phishing’ email – can look very believable but there are certain things that can clearly indicate a bogus email:

  • Spelling mistakes and poor grammar
  • Requirement for urgent action to avoid a penalty
  • Generic greeting such as ‘Dear Customer’ – HMRC will always use your name
  • Incorrect ‘from’ address

You can also visit HMRC’s website, which has an up-to-date list of all planned and official digital communications from HMRC.

HMRC will never email or text to inform you of a tax rebate or ask you to disclose personal information.

If you’re in doubt as to the authenticity of a payment request – whether it’s by email or telephone – please do contact us before parting with any money. A member of the Clayton & Brewill team will be happy to advise you.

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