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Can I postpone my pension auto-enrolment staging date?

30th June, 2014

Pension auto-enrolment is gathering pace, with many mid-sized and smaller businesses now needing to get ready to meet their staging dates. Clayton & Brewill’s payroll services manager Chloe Hughes, highlights the auto-enrolment postponement facility.

Postponing your pension auto-enrolment date can be a useful way of ensuring that your staging date better aligns with your year-end or other business processes. It can also be helpful if you have staff who you know will stop working for you within three months.

If you do wish to consider postponement, your business will still need to ‘stage’ on its required date (you can find a list of staging dates here) but you can postpone making employee pension contributions for any or all staff for up to three months.

You must write to your employees and tell them that you are postponing and, if any employee wishes to opt-in from the staging date then you are legally obliged to comply with their wishes and to enrol them in the pension scheme.

Postponement doesn’t mean you can take your foot off the pedal when it comes to preparing for pension auto-enrolment but it does mean that you can make it fit better to your existing processes and dates.

Specialist auto-enrolment help

For help on postponing your pension auto-enrolment or any other aspect of the new workplace pension rules contact Clayton & Brewill’s payroll services manager Chloe Hughes on 0115 950 3044 or by email.





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