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Child benefit for offspring in their 30s?

21st August, 2015

A Clayton & Brewill client, with grown-up children, has received notification from HMRC that her tax code is to be revised to reflect the child benefit she had been claiming for her two children.

Since it is at least 15 years since she had received any child benefit, this came as a bit of a shock!

A call by Doug to HMRC put matters straight but, had the letter gone in a drawer and not been opened, our client would have been put onto an unfavourable tax code.

This is not the only mistake we’ve had to rectify recently.

When you receive a letter from HMRC please read – and check it – carefully. HMRC seem particularly error prone at the moment and it is worth checking tax notices to ensure you are not being wrongly penalised.

For help or advice on any tax related matter (including queries with HMRC) please do get in touch with us at Clayton & Brewill.

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