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Getting to grips with the new workplace pension rules

11th November, 2014

There were 255 of them in 1952, 9,736 in 2011 and, in 2051, there will be more than 25,000 of them.

Any idea what we are referring to?

These are the 100th birthday telegrams sent by the Queen (or King) and they show very starkly that we are an ageing population!

Clayton & Brewill’s pension auto-enrolment specialist, Chloe Hughes, explains:

Chloe Hughes payroll and pension auto-enrolment specialist at Clayton & Brewill“To help deal with the costs of our ageing population, the government has been putting in place initiatives to get us all saving more for our retirement – and one of these initiatives is in the form of new workplace pension rules.

“Pension auto-enrolment, as it's known, started in 2012 with the largest employers and is now filtering down so that, by the end of 2018, every employer will have to offer a pension scheme to its staff – and be paying into it.

“From supporting Clayton & Brewill clients through the pension auto-enrolment process I recommend that you need at least six months to get ready and, ideally, 12 months.

“So, if you've had a letter from the Pension Regulator informing you of your staging date it is most definitely time to get cracking!”

“You can find out lots of useful info about how to prepare for pension auto-enrolment here or, for a chat in person please contact Chloe on 0115 940 3044 or by email.”



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