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Growth voucher system simplified and improved

28th August, 2014

Changes to the Government's Growth Vouchers scheme mean it is now even easier to claim £2,000 towards strategic advice to help you grow your business.

From 26 August 2014 the Government has opened up the Growth Vouchers Programme to more small businesses, widening the criteria to business that:

  • Are registered in England
  • Have less than 250 employees
  • Are actively selling goods and/or services
  • Have a turnover of less than £45m
  • Own 75% or more of their business

The payment terms have also been made more flexible so businesses no longer need to find all the cash upfront and then claim it back.

Accredited provider of Growth Vouchers

Clayton & Brewill has been an accredited Growth Vouchers provider since February 2014, giving SMEs and start-up businesses £2,000 of match funding towards high quality financial and accountancy advice to help them grow and thrive, as Bethany Andrews explains:

'Growth Vouchers is a Government initiative aimed at helping smaller and start-up businesses grow. Businesses can claim up to £2,000 of funding for advice on expansion, IT services, marketing, leadership and management, and, in Clayton & Brewill’s case, cash flow and financial services.

'Good financial management is essential if a business is to prosper and statistics show that businesses that take advice are twice as likely to grow. And, with Clayton & Brewill's membership of the ICAEW, the small businesses know that they are getting dependable and trustworthy advice, which they may normally not be able to afford.’

The Growth Vouchers scheme aims to distribute £30m of funding to help small businesses grow through subsidised business advice.

To find out more about how to apply for the growth vouchers scheme email Bethany or call 0115 950 3044.

Clayton & Brewill - accredited provider of Growth Vouchers
Bethany Andrews, Growth Vouchers contact at Clayton & Brewill chartered accountants

Bethany Andrews

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