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No more tax relief on purchases of goodwill

9th October, 2015

One of the less-publicised changes made by Chancellor George Osborne this Summer was the removal of tax relief on the purchase of “goodwill”. Clayton & Brewill’s Yvonne Jackson explains.

Yvonne Jackson of Clayton & Brewill“The removal of tax relief on goodwill was made with immediate effect from 8 July and affects anyone considering acquiring a business’s client list or existing contracts.

“The government had originally introduced the tax relief in 2002 to bring the tax treatment of goodwill more in line with other accounting procedures.

“Relief will continue to be available for business goodwill and customer related intangibles acquired before 8 July.”

If you are considering an asset purchase – or sale – and want more information on the changes to tax relief on goodwill, please get in touch.

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