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Personal Tax Accounts – how they can help to reduce payroll queries

3rd July, 2018

As part of their Making Tax Digital initiative, HMRC made online Personal Tax Accounts available for all PAYE employees in 2015. Sarah Pownall, Payroll Manager at Nottingham chartered accountants Clayton & Brewill, explains how to reduce payroll queries from employees by encouraging them to utilise their Personal Tax Accounts.

Sarah Pownall, Payroll Manager, Clayton & BrewillOnline Personal Tax Accounts have been available for all PAYE employees since December 2015 and, according to HMRC, 15 million people are already using theirs.

Personal Tax Accounts are a secure and simple way for your employees to manage their tax affairs online. Many of the queries they bring to your payroll and HR teams can be found online by accessing their Personal Tax Account.

What can Personal Tax Accounts provide?

Employees can update HMRC regarding any changes to their financial circumstances or any of their personal details such as a change of name or address and are actively encouraged by HMRC to communicate these changes using their Personal Tax Account.

The Personal Tax Account also allows employees to:

  • Print proof of their National Insurance number (handy for new employees completing new starter checklists)
  • View and print a copy of the pay and tax details for the last 4 tax years, which may be required for mortgage or loan applications or tax credit applications
  • Claim tax relief on business expenses, whether that’s for cleaning their uniform or replacing their tools
  • Update the information we hold on the benefits they receive, such as company car or medical cover
  • Check their state pension situation – explore when they can start to receive it and how much they are likely to get
  • Claim a tax repayment; if a customer has received a letter from HMRC advising that they’ve paid too much tax over the course of the year they can claim their rebate online. The full refund will be paid int their bank account within five working days
  • For tax credits, check their payments, make changes to their circumstances and complete their renewals.

How do you set up a Personal Tax Account?

The Personal Tax Account is easy to set up. Accounts can be set up online at By sharing this address with your employees and encouraging them to ensure their accounts are set up and available for them to access could save you time.

It may take some time for employees to use their Personal Tax Accounts to their full capability, but consistently reinforcing the message should hopefully encourage them to use their account before approaching your payroll and HR teams.

Please remember that employees should also notify you of any change to their personal circumstances for your own staff records – and in turn Clayton & Brewill, if we process payroll on your behalf.

To find out more about Personal Tax Accounts and the full range of products and services on offer HMRC have developed the Guide to your Personal Tax Account, which provides lots of useful information.

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