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Year-end tax planning

20th March, 2015

With the end of the tax year fast approaching, Clayton & Brewill’s Neil South reminds business owners to plan their year-end in the most tax-efficient manner.

Neil South partner and chartered accountant at Clayton & Brewill chartered accountants

Neil South

Whether it’s been a good, bad or middling year for your business, with some forward thinking and a bit of planning, there is much you can do to maximise your tax allowances and reduce both corporation tax and personal tax bills.

As a business owner there are a number of strategies you can consider, including:

  • Tax mitigation strategies through venture capital trusts and enterprise investment schemes.
  • Managing income and deductions to maximise cash-flow and minimise tax.
  • Ensuring that your salary and dividend payments are balanced to best benefit from personal allowances and the basic rate tax band.
  • Maximising pension contributions within the taxable limits set by HMRC.
  • Making the most of your ISA allowance.
  • Pre and post year end capital investments.
  • Utilising personal capital gains tax exemptions.

Tax planning for business owners

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