Furnished holiday lettings: how to preserve your FHL status?

2nd July, 2021

Furnished holiday lettings (FHLs) have their own tax treatment, reliant on a set of strict day-count rules. With the impact of Covid-19 on occupancy, business owners may need to take stock of their position, as Nottingham chartered accountants, Clayton & Brewill, explains. There are special tax rules for rental income from properties that qualify as… View Article

Section 21 notice changes: an update for landlords

18th July, 2019

The government has announced its plans to abolish the use of Section 21 notices, with landlords now expected to use Section 8 if they wish to evict their tenants. This change coincides with the Tenant Fees Act 2019 coming into place last month, which has capped the amount allowed for a tenancy deposit and banned… View Article

Landlords to be impacting by Nottingham City Council Selective Licensing scheme

25th June, 2018

In August, Nottingham City Council is introducing a new licensing scheme for landlords who have rental properties in the Nottingham City area. Nottingham chartered accountants Clayton and Brewill explains more about the Nottingham City Council Selective Licensing scheme and how it will impact landlords. What is the Nottingham City Council Selective Licensing scheme? Selective Licensing… View Article

Buy to let tax changes – minimising the impact

8th March, 2017

From April 2017, a tougher tax regime is being introduced for buy to let landlords. Jack Moore, from Nottingham chartered accountants Clayton & Brewill, explains the forthcoming buy to let tax changes and how landlords can minimise the impact. The current situation Currently landlords can claim tax relief on their mortgage interest payments, basically offsetting… View Article

Digital tax and landlords – Clayton & Brewill

3rd November, 2016

By 2020, most businesses, self-employed people and landlords will be required to manage their tax affairs digitally and update HMRC at least quarterly via a digital tax account. Consultation on the proposals closes on 7 November 2016 so now is the time to make your voice heard. It’s almost 12 months since the government announced… View Article

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